Joining a new community can be exciting whether that be moving into a new dorm, neighborhood, or sober living community. In a sober living community, you will have access to ample resources and be able to meet others who have similar goals as you; the main one being to maintain sobriety. Here’s a list of some of the many exciting advantages of living in a sober living community!

1. You won’t face returning to the outside world alone. Instead, you’ll have time to reintegrate into society with others who are learning to navigate sober life with you. The ultimate goal of sober living facilities is to provide the support you need while transitioning back to full independence.

2. You will have time and assistance planning for your future. In a sober living community, you are given many resources to plan your life for a future beyond recovery. Through services such as motivational interviewing and learning skills for employment, you will gain the tools you need to prepare for the life ahead of you after your time in a sober living community.

3. You will meet like-minded people. Entering a new part of life can be exciting for those experiencing it. Though the idea of meeting new people will seem daunting and intimidating, realize that in doing so, you are building your support network and enriching your future. Meeting those who share similar experiences as you can help you to relate on a more personal level, proving that you aren’t in this alone. Entering a sober living community gives you the advantage of an environment focused on maintaining sobriety and living a better life.

4. You will learn more about yourself. During your time in a sober living community, you can further explore potential triggers that may cause relapse, discover new passions and hobbies, take steps toward achieving short and long-term goals, and more. Take this time to truly learn more about this new version of you. Try to practice mindfulness and participate in activities that excite you. These activities can help you to remain focused on your main goal of maintaining sobriety.

5. The tools and skills you gained during treatment will become second nature. The support you receive through a sober living facility will help remind you to practice mindfulness, self-care, and other means of protecting your sobriety. These tools will allow you to be aware of your thoughts and emotions and keep them in check to prevent possible relapse. Being in a more positive mindset can help you to be more optimistic about your recovery. This holistic approach of healing will allow you to fully embrace your new life instead of just healing the physical consequences of substance abuse.

Your time in a sober living community should be a time of self-reflection and learning what truly excites and inspires you. Use this time for self-growth, self-discovery, and to continue healing. Continue to strive in your recovery to secure a long, healthy, and happy life without drugs and alcohol.

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