About Comfort Recovery

Comfort Recovery offers top quality programs focused on making the transition into full independence smooth and easy. At our outpatient addiction rehabilitation facilities, you will find a recovery minded community of peers and professionals to assist in furthering your recovery progress.

Telehealth options are also available to make commitment to long-term sobriety easier to maintain. The convenience of connecting with our team by phone or online makes fitting treatment into your busy schedule simple. Virtual support groups and group therapy also help keep you connected and engaged with the community.

Whether through job assistance, help in finding support meetings, peer support, or aid navigating the unique challenges of long-term recovery – Comfort Recovery will be there every step of the way.

Our mission and vision

At Comfort Recovery, we understand the journey of recovery does not end upon completion of an inpatient drug rehab program. The first days back into the real world following inpatient treatment are the most crucial to long-term success and sobriety: this is when most relapses occur. Our mission is to provide the support and guidance you need to fully integrate into a life free of substance abuse.

By providing the perfect balance between structure and freedom, Comfort Recovery aims to help you apply the lessons you’ve learned during your time in treatment to real world situations. With us you will be responsible for maintaining your own space and personal hygiene, running errands, and sticking to your aftercare plan- we keep you focused and steady as well as provide assistance when you need it.

To best help you achieve your long-term recovery goals, Comfort Recovery establishes an encouraging and uplifting community; we want you to feel like family when you are with us! Our team is here to support you just as they would a close family member or friend. Case managers and mental health professionals are always available to help you navigate through tough situations and provide resources you may need to build your future!

We know that the path of recovery is all about growth, and so we work to nurture that through resources such as:

  • Job training assistance and interview skill building
  • Help applying for necessary government assistance programs
  • Resources for transportation
  • Medication management education
  • Daily support group meetings
  • Individual counseling

Here at Comfort Recovery you will never feel alone on your journey of recovery. It is our mission to walk this path with you- to cheer on your triumphs and catch you if you stumble. Your success in maintaining a clean and sober life is our success, too.

About Our Staff

Our staff is the key to our success- they can be the key to yours, too! At Comfort Recovery our team is fully dedicated to helping you meet and exceed your goals- both in recovery and beyond. Why? Because they are in recovery, too. They know first hand what it means to achieve a clean and sober lifestyle and what it takes to maintain it. Let our compassionate and caring addiction recovery professionals guide you as you regain your bearings and embrace your future!

Medication management is a huge concern for many people in recovery. You want to ensure you are properly maintaining your health without falling back on to old habits- or forming new ones. That’s why our team of doctors and nurses is here to help! They do more than just manage your prescriptions for you; they actually educate you on how to do it yourself and why it is so important when in recovery. Available around the clock, our medical staff is also well-trained to handle everything from minor injuries and illness to medical emergencies. With our devoted team you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

At Comfort Recovery we also recognize that mental health is a major component of addiction recovery. We employ therapists and counselors who specialize in the recovery process so you have the mental health support you need to remain on the right path. Our staff is focused on helping you continue to overcome the deep-rooted causes of addiction as well as manage triggers and address new troubles that may arise. Confidential and comfortable, your individual sessions with your therapist are meant to continue the progress started in rehab. Our moderated group sessions also work to ensure you never feel alone on this journey as well as allowing you to learn from each other.

Support in everyday tasks and needs comes in the form of our warm and welcoming team of behavioral health technicians. They are here to ensure your needs are met and help in any way they can to make your transition back to the real world as smooth as possible. At Comfort Recovery our behavioral techs aid you with personal accountability, staying on track, and hit your goals head on! They are a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a friend at your side. Our techs know what you are going through and stand as living proof that long-term success is possible.

The team at Comfort Recovery is waiting to help people just like you- contact us today!