Living in a sober living community is the perfect opportunity for self reflection. You will be able to grow as an individual and build your character while focusing on maintaining your sobriety. Your time in this environment should be used to improve your life and form connections with those around you. By doing this, you will be able to continue to grow stronger against any threats to your sobriety. Here are some tips on how to build your character while living in a sober living community:

1. Find joy in your recovery. It is common to feel guilt during your time in a sober living community. You may be reflecting on negative choices in your life that have led you to where you are now. Instead of dwelling on the past, find new activities and hobbies to participate in that you enjoy. During your time in this community, you will be able to explore new interests in your own personal life. You can read new books, start playing an instrument, learn to draw, or anything else that you enjoy. You can also learn new activities that will promote your overall health and healing.

2. Form lasting friendships. Forming relationships with people in your sober living community will allow you to share similar addiction recovery journeys with them. Often times, people have family members who understand them but have not lived with addiction first-hand in their own lives. Finding new friends who share experiences with you can help you to better understand addiction and how it similarly affects the lives of others. You will be able to make new connections with people that also support your sober lifestyle. You can also learn how to form positive relationships with people, which will ultimately help you in society when you are connecting with new people. Being able to share similar stories of addiction, recovery, and sobriety will allow you to form friendships with others that will last a lifetime.

3. Don’t beat yourself up. People who are overcoming a challenging part of their life, such as overcoming addiction, often criticize themselves harshly. They sometimes find it difficult to overcome the guilt and shame that hooded over their past life of dependency and addiction. They should remember that even though addiction played an active role in their life, they have been able to grow from their past use. Learn to be proud of yourself and your progress in your recovery journey.

4. Be patient with yourself. You may feel under pressure to become “normal” again during your recovery. What you should remember is that addiction is a journey in your life that requires much needed patience. By taking your time to learn different lessons in your life on your path to recovery, you will be able to appreciate the experience in your sober living community more. You will be able to apply everything you have learned from your past mistakes in life to your new sober life.

Addiction recovery is a process of learning to find your true self again. People dealing with addiction may forget who they are as people. The healing you receive in a sober living community will allow you to become a better person than you were before addiction infiltrated your life. You should remember to be proud of yourself and all the progress you have made on your recovery journey. As you are living your newfound sober life, remember that you have gone through a lot to reach where you are in life. Instead of criticizing yourself on the mistakes you’ve made in the past, focus on all the good you have done to overcome your addiction.

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