We’re committed to helping bridge the gap between your life now and where you want to be.

A common challenge on the path of recovery is the inability to leave behind family responsibilities and obligations in order to seek treatment. While traditional inpatient treatment is ideal, not everyone can afford to put life on pause. Comfort Recovery knows this shouldn’t stand in the way of you achieving your goals in sobriety. Our Intensive Outpatient Programs are specifically designed to give you access to the life-saving treatment you need without disrupting your ability to take care of your responsibilities. With in-person and telehealth options, our outpatient treatment programs are suitable for any schedule.

Find Balance Comfort Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Programs

At Comfort Recovery, our Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) aim to provide you the continued structure and support you need for long-term recovery while providing the freedom to begin exploring life in sobriety. This means you will continue attending three or more meetings per week, meet with your therapists, and other programs created to secure your sober future. These structured, mandatory aspects of your recovery are designed with you and your future in mind. They help keep the focus on healing and working toward your recovery goals.

For clients who are entering IOPs after completing inpatient treatment, the benefits could be the difference between long-term success and misfortune. We understand that the recovery process doesn’t end at discharge, and our mission is to ensure your progress doesn’t either. Through our Intensive Outpatient Programs you continue to focus on learning and incorporating life skills and positive coping mechanisms into your life. This provides you with the best possible first step into your new sober life.

Adherence to care is largely influenced by accessibility to treatment resources, especially for outpatient clients. That’s why Comfort Recovery also offers telehealth services for those who are unable to attend in-person treatment. Connect with our team of licensed behavioral health specialists by phone or through our secure virtual portal from the comfort of your own home. Secure and convenient, our telehealth programs provide the same level of client-centered care without interfering with work, school, or other responsibilities.

In addition to continued support in recovery, our community resources are available to all clients to assure all your needs are met before you move into full independence. This includes aid with:

  • Temporary federal financial assistance
  • Food assistance programs
  • Social security benefits
  • Housing programs

At Comfort Recovery, we understand how vital the early days in recovery are to your new lifestyle. It’s okay to need a little extra support to secure your sober future. The recovery journey is personal, and your needs should remain your top priority. Comfort Recovery is ready and willing to help in any capacity to assure you have the best chance at long-term success. All of our programs are evidence-based and supported as the best means of achieving recovery. We pride ourselves in our nurturing, welcoming community environment and staff members. Together we aspire to end the substance abuse epidemic one person at a time.

Let us help you continue the work and progress you began during inpatient treatment, or support you as you recover while maintaining your obligations and responsibilities. Don’t allow another day to pass you by. Call us now to begin your journey to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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