What is Medical Maintenance?

One of the many myths associated with addiction recovery is that using medication to maintain your sobriety means you aren’t actually in recovery. That’s not only not true, it’s an incredibly harmful. Believing that medication invalidates the journey promotes shame and exclusion in a community that thrives on communication and unity. Understanding what medical maintenance is and what it isn’t will help to put your mind at ease so you can focus on the more important aspect of your sobriety.

Medical maintenance is the long-term use of medication to enforce your commitment to life beyond drugs and alcohol. These medications are not used to extend any high or other desired effect; in fact, most medications used for maintenance work as inhibitors that block addictive effects of substance abuse. Without the temptation of those effects, it easier to stay steady and focused on your goals.

Medical maintenance does not mean relying on drugs to keep you sober for the rest of your life. For some who experience co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, medical maintenance may involve correcting hormone imbalances which require long-term medication. For most people, medical maintenance allows you to reach a mental and emotional place for self-exploration and development.

How Do I Know if Medical Maintenance is Right for Me?

Your mental health and medical team can help you determine if you would benefit from incorporating medical maintenance into your recovery. The existence of co-occurring mental health disorders, history of relapse, or other factors which may lead to a higher risk of relapse are all important things to keep in mind when determining the course of your long term recovery. Be sure you are fully informed of the details of your medical maintenance regimen, including:

  • Specifics about your medication, including risk for dependency
  • Longevity of your regimen and tapering schedule
  • Potential side effects

Medical maintenance is not an alternative to therapy or other self-improvement efforts. At Comfort Recovery, we focus on helping you address the deep rooted causes of your substance abuse. Our medical maintenance programs are fully personalized to meet your needs and continuously updated to be as effective as possible. We never make any changes or adjustments to your regimen without your full understanding and consent. Our doctor and medical staff is always available to answer any questions you may have or address your concerns.

FAQs About Medical Maintenance

Do I have to take medication forever?

No, most medications are not intended for extensive use. Clients prescribed long-term medical maintenance regimens may consult our doctor regarding goals for living a clean and sober life without medication.

Will I end up addicted to my medication?

While some medications carry a risk for dependency, our maintenance program uses the lowest effective dosages to help prevent such complications. We also provide supervision and continuous monitoring of your progress as further preventive measures. If at any time you are concerned, our medical staff is available to find alternatives that work for you and your recovery goals.

Am I considered sober if I take medication?

Absolutely! Addiction recovery is a deeply personal journey, no one can tell you your journey is less valid because or your medical maintenance regimen. Just as we shouldn’t judge people for taking medication to manage mental health disorders, judging people for how they maintain their sobriety is equally problematic and harmful.

Don’t let others’ opinions keep you from the help you need to achieve your goals. Call Comfort Recovery Now to learn more about our medical maintenance programs!

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