We’re committed to helping bridge the gap between your life now and where you want to be.

Whether you are transitioning out of traditional inpatient addiction treatment or just beginning your journey of recovery, outpatient treatment programs are great for breaking the chains of addiction and bettering your life and your future.

Outpatient programs grant the freedom to continue providing for yourself and your family while getting the help you need to overcome a substance abuse disorder. For others, this course of care extends the benefits of support and guidance beyond completion of inpatient treatment to help ensure your first steps into a sober life are steady and secure.

At Comfort Recovery, our primary goal is to assure you are equip with all the tools and skills you need to lead a healthy life free of drugs and alcohol. By providing both in-person and virtual counseling options through our telehealth program, we make it easy to stay focused on your recovery journey.

What Comfort Recovery Offers in Outpatient Treatment

Unlike other rehab facilities, Comfort Recovery builds your treatment program around you. We optimize your personalized plan to help you reach your highest potential. This includes creating actionable plans for achieving your goals both in regard to your journey and beyond. Comfort Recovery Outpatient Treatment offers group and individual therapy sessions and other beneficial programs including:

  • Trauma-based Therapy
  • Dialectic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies
  • Gender Groups
  • Optional Faith-based Christian Counseling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Expressive Art-based Therapy
  • Medication Management Training
  • Optional Holistic Treatment
  • Telehealth Services

At Comfort Recovery, we know daily life challenges can make it difficult to adhere to an outpatient treatment program. Our telehealth outpatient program helps make it easy to keep up with your progress while balancing other life obligations. Our secure and confidential virtual counseling platform allows you to receive the same level of client-centered care wherever you may go. Connect with our team of licensed behavioral health professionals and your peers through group and individual therapy sessions by phone or online. 

Additional Benefits of Outpatient Treatment with Comfort Recovery

Beyond the benefits of a personalized course of treatment, Comfort Recovery offers amenities and services designed to enhance your experience and emphasize that you don’t need illicit substances to enjoy life! Being in recovery doesn’t mean the fun has to stop: explore new interests or rediscover old passions with us!

Some amenities offered at Comfort Recovery include:

  • Weekly outings to local parks and attractions
  • Direct access to beautiful South Florida
  • Fitness services including gym access
  • Aid with transportation for school, employment, and doctor’s visits
  • Life skills training
  • Education support (GED prep, college application help, etc.)
  • Aid with qualifying assistance programs (SNAP, SSI, etc.)
  • Community events such as BBQs and movie nights

Beyond treatment, we aspire to create an inclusive, healing environment that keeps the focus on your continued growth and self-improvement. For our outpatient clients, this focus includes incorporating the lessons and skills learned in counseling into everyday situations to encourage beneficial changes in problematic behavior. Comfort Recovery also provides assistance in assuring your first step into independent sober living is your best. Through life skills training and aftercare planning, we help you determine your living arrangements, continued care plans, and more! We’re dedicated to helping you make the best out of second chances.


Don’t let obstacles keep you from the life you deserve- call us today for more information about our outpatient programs!

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