Comfort Recovery is dedicated to providing clients with the best possible start to a new, sober life.

One of the many treatment options offered through Comfort Recovery is our Partial Hospitalization Program. This intensive course of treatment was created to serve clients in need of extra support and care throughout the addiction recovery process. Rather you are experiencing co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders or you have a previous history of relapse, our Partial Hospitalization Programs meet you where you are to help you get to where you want to be.

What is Partial Hospitalization?

The phrase “partial hospitalization” may sound scary if you don’t know what it means- don’t let that cause you to hesitate in seeking help for your addiction! Partial Hospitalization simply means these programs provide more direct, dedicated attention and support from our compassionate and experienced addiction specialists. Through PHPs, you will learn to the tools to cope with life’s challenges without relying on drugs or alcohol to get you through the day. Comfort Recovery gives peace of mind knowing that we are fully committed to you and your journey.

During our admissions process, we conduct a thorough assessment to ensure we fully understand your needs throughout your time in care. This assessment includes an interview with your intake specialists and a full examination by our staff doctor. We use the information gathered during your interview and exam to determine what course of treatment best meets your needs to give you the greatest chance of long-term success in clean and sober living.

Your personalized treatment program will determine the number of group and individual therapy sessions you participate in each week, your detox regimen, and help shape the framework for your aftercare plan. We also have additional treatment options you may choose to help enhance your recovery experience.

Comfort Recovery Does Partial Hospitalization Differently

At Comfort Recovery we understand that though we share a common journey, no two paths to recovery are alike. Instead of using cookie cutter programs that often miss important needs and factors, our Partial Hospitalization Programs is designed specifically for you. Each member of our staff is on your team and has your back as you take on the total life transformation that is addiction recovery. Our earnest commitment to healing and helping those in need drives us in everything we do.

While Partial Hospitalization Programs are characterized by their structured nature and intensive focus on your progress, this doesn’t mean they’re at all stiff or boring. Our commitment to making recovery a reality includes proving that it’s possible to be free of illicit substance and have a good time! Living clean and sober is less about restrictions and more about finding positive alternatives to old habits. By engaging in weekly outings, fun on-site activities, and other means of entertainment, we teach you that sober doesn’t have to mean boring!

Comfort Recovery is waiting to guide you to the healthier, more fulfilling life you’ve always wanted. Don’t wait- call us right now!

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