People know what a sober living community is but do not always necessarily know how these facilities are run. A sober living community is a community in which people who have completed addiction recovery treatment can live in a drug and alcohol free environment. Many people living there seek assistance through outpatient treatment to maintain their sobriety. Being in this setting gives habitants the opportunity to attend group meetings, meet with a counselor or therapist, participate in motivational interviewing, and acquire life skills to effectively reintegrate into society. This type of environment ensures that one will make a smooth transition from treatment to a healthy and sober lifestyle.

Who Runs a Sober Living Community?

A team of addiction recovery professionals assist those in the community. There are always medical professionals such as doctors and nurses that are there to educate you about prescriptions and to tend to your medical needs. Therapists and counselors are on call to ensure that you will continue to leap over the mental hurdles of addiction.

What is a Sober Living Community and How Will it Benefit Me?

Many people believe that detoxification is the only step to a full recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction. This is actually untrue. One can enroll in an addiction rehabilitation center to receive treatment for their addiction. After going through this treatment, they can join a sober living community to reintegrate into society and everyday life. These communities help individuals to strengthen themselves mentally and physically to fully overcome their addiction. Some of the services and amenities included in a sober living community are medication management education, job training assistance, interview skill building, and individual counseling. Along with these services, there are many ways living in this setting can help you. Here are a few:

-You will be able to live with people who have had similar experiences with addiction as you.
-It can help to reintegrate you into society and learn to socialize with others.
-You can grow more accustomed to your new sober life.
-It can help you maintain sobriety due to the lack of alcohol and drugs in the community.

In the end, the treatments and services provided in a sober living community will promote your overall sobriety and health. It will allow you to maintain your sobriety while continuing on a positive addiction recovery path. Remember that you should make the most of your sober living experience. Take time to find yourself, discover your interests, and find activities you enjoy during your time there. By doing this, you will be able to maintain your sobriety beyond recovery.

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